Ekotrademetal ltd. is a private Bulgarian company.
We have a complex license for exploitation of installations and facilities for melting and foundry for non-ferrous metals and for their alloys.
The company is certified by ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.
We have our own patented method for recycling waste polish dust.
The company has been on the Bulgarian market already for 10 years.


  • EN CuZn36 – CW507L
  • EN CuZn37 – CW508L
  • EN CuZn40 – CW509L
  • EN CuZn35Pb1 – CW600N
  • EN CuZn36Pb2As – CW602N
  • EN CuZn36Pb3 – CW603N
  • EN CuZn37Pb0.5 – CW604N
  • EN CuZn38Pb2 – CW608N
  • EN CuZn39Pb0.5 – CW610N
  • EN CuZn39Pb2 – CW612N
  • EN CuZn39Pb3 – CW614N
  • EN CuZn40Pb2 – CW617N
  • EN CuZn43Pb2 – CW623N
  • EN CuZn20Al2As – CW702R
  • EN CuZn23Al3Co – CW703R
  • EN CuZn23Al6Mn4Fe3Pb – CW704R
  • EN CuZn28Sn1As – CW706R
  • EN CuZn35Ni3Mn2AlPb – CW710R
  • EN CuZn39Sn1 – CW719R
  • EN CuZn40Mn2Fe1 – CW723R

DIN EN 1982

  • CC750S
  • CC754S
  • CC760S
  • CC761S
  • CC762S
  • CC764S
  • CC765S
  • CC766S
  • CC767S

Negotiating for price, delivery, time for production, transport and payment takes place after request from the client. The minimum quantity to make is 1 /one/ tonne.

The Factory

We have our own factory with area 13 000 m², a foundry unit (2674 m²) and a mechanical unit (1200 m²), which is situated at the industrial area of town Silistra. We also have an office in town Ruse.

In the production we use the best technics in the non-ferrous metallurgy. The foundry unit has all the facilities, needed for recycling waste of the non-ferrous metals. The complex license covers types of metals and processing capacity.

The production is accomplished in presence of:

  • Induction furnace BIP 1600 with capacity up to 100 000 kg/m /24 workdays/
  • Induction furnace BIP 600 with capacity up to 50 000 kg/m /24 workdays/
  • Induction furnace PI 160, 2 numbers, with capacity up to 10 000 kg/m /24 workdays/
  • Proper power station.
  • Proper power supply.
  • Propter well.
  • Purifying facilities.


Independent investments and improvements.

We have invested in realized project for stream flowing device, developed by us, to reduce the technical time for foundry and refining the process.

The reduction furnaces are renovated, in order to minimize emergency situations.

The purifying facilities are improved. Completely new water towers are built.

We invest in centrifuge chip and in a machine for briquetting chips.  We also have developed induction installation for extra oil burning.

The spectral analysis of the metals is implemented by independent certificated and regularly inspected device.

Contact Us

Address:  Ruse, 7000, “Tzar Osvoboditel” boulevard, №46

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: +359878540077, +359898540077

Fax: +35986839155

Tax registration number(TRN): BG200469494

Responsible person(RP): DIMITAR ANGELOV